Posted in Parental Alienation & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Flying Monkey Alert!

July 17, 2017


by Dr. Jennifer J. Harman

Being a targeted step-parent and scientific researcher of parental alienation, I am no stranger to flying monkeys. In the Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West used winged monkeys to drive the Wizard out of her territory, kidnap Dorothy and the cowardly lion, and tear the Scarecrow and the Tinman apart, limb for limb. Today, similar flying monkeys are frequently used by alienators to hurt targeted parents and anyone trying to advocate for them.

Unlike in Oz, where the flying monkeys were controlled by a magical golden cap, these monkeys are often motivated by anger or hatred towards the targeted parent. They could be an angry or emotionally unstable ex-romantic partner that the alienator enlists to act on their behalf; an old family friend or neighbor who had a personal slight against the targeted parent; or simply a formerly shared contact that chose the alienator’s side after the separation. The alienators meticulously feed their recruits biased, untrue, and vexatious information designed to fuel their existing anger, dislike, and hatred for the targeted parents. Thus, the monkeys accept the propaganda without second-guessing.

Other times, the flying monkeys have no direct experience of the targeted parent when they believe the alienators’ word, hook, line and sinker. These undiscerning flying monkeys attack because their own personal agendas are triggered when the alienator strategically shares certain “details” about the targeted parent. For example, the alienator may use stereotypes about parents to their advantage, telling others that a father is “abusive” or a mother is “mentally ill.”



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