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Medea’s children and the Parental Alienation

The Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) refers to a set of symptoms manifested by the child during and after the process of parents divorcing. The syndrome demonstrates the family suffering and the psychic blows suffered by the child when entangled in feelings of revenge, hatred and rejection. The child is disrespected and used as a tool to punish and cause pain in the alienated parent. As in Medea’s myth, in which a mother kills her children, in parental alienation, the alienating parents suffocate and kill their children’s ability to perceive, feel, and judge freely. The children become an extension of the alienator, prevented from thinking, discriminate and choose for themselves. By adopting Medea’s tragedy and the Jungian theoretical framework, this paper analyzes the references to children in the myth and its relation with PAS and presents the consequences of parental alienation to the psychological development of the child.

According to (Duarte, 2011), PAS designates a psychological condition caused by the abusive exercise of power over the child, when one of the parents prevents the coexistence of the child with the other parent. For Duarte, parental alienation is a form of mistreatment or abuse in which a parent handles the consciousness of the children with the aim of preventing, hindering, or destroying their linkages with the other parent. According to (Dias, 2006), one of the trigger that sets the alienating process is the difficulty of drafting the mourning after separation. This author believes that the demoralization of the former spouse arises from the desire for revenge that one feels when outraged by the end of a relationship.



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