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HELP GET Parental Alienation INTO ICD 11

Brief instructions based on Bill Bernet’s

The International Classification of Diseases is published by the World Health Organization (WHO). The current edition is called ICD-10, which is being revised and will become ICD-11. WHO says that ICD-11 will be published in 2018. The revision process has gone on for several years, but it seems that only now have they started to draft the text for topics such as relationship problems and child maltreatment.

If you want to participate in the development of ICD-11, the first step is to register with “ICD-11 Beta Draft”. You can Google that phrase and you’ll get to their home page, which is:
There is a button on the upper right hand corner for “Register,” so you go there and fill out their forms. After you are registered, you can go to the various parts of their large website that may interest you.

Once you are registered and logged in, use the Search box at the top. Enter “parental alienation,” click on “parental alienation”, and you will immediately go to the right page for “Caregiver-child relationship problem.” Next click the orange box far right: “PROPOSALS” > click on Bill Bernet’s item. Now you can see what’s there. Browse / Vote / or add your own Comment. Make sure you hit Submit or Send your Comment to get it into the system

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Interpersonal Terrorism: The Use of Power in Parental Alienation

Karen Woodall:

This week I have been working with children who are affected by intergenerational terrorism.  In writing about this I should be clear about what I mean by the word terrorism as in the current climate we are living in, the word conjurs up particular images.  There are however, so many similarities between what happens in parental alienation and what happens in the world at large in terms of how terror impacts upon the mind.  In the terrorism created by ISIS for example, the fear of suicide bombers and other random attacks, keeps us both vigilant and cowed as well as shocked and horrified by the possibility of such barbaric acts of violence.  In cases of parental alienation, the fear of the power of the alienating parent to escalate the situation, and remove the child completely, keeps the targeted parent both vigilant and cowed in terms of their parenting of the…

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