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A Trapped Mind

Cult Recovery UK

I have been processing deeply recently, in a personal way and in an intellectual way.  I am perceiving clearly the damage that happens to the mind when becoming fully immersed within a cult existence.

Cult leaders want total control of a person’s mind. They want to create uniform followers that spout off their ideology and rhetoric. They do not want free thinking individuals. The techniques that are used, if a person is vulnerable to them, can be difficult to resist. By creating an internal landscape where the thinking critical part of the brain is ‘off-line’, new thoughts, that are in alignment with the cult’s ideology, can infiltrate.

When a person is exiting a cult and in recovery, fanning the flames of free-thinking and encouraging a person, is absolutely critical. I have recently come to understand the word encourage from a deeper perspective. To have courage is to be able to…

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