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Symptoms of Severe Hostile Aggressive Parenting

  • Openly violate court orders and agreements, especially in relation to parenting time 
  • Tell the child that the other parent is not their biological parent
  • Fabricate false sexual or physical abuse allegations against the other parent involving the children
  • Force their child to see the other parent under supervised access when there really is no need for supervision
  • Not allow the child to be with or to communicate with the other parent on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and other special occasions
  • Allege that the non-custodial parent is responsible for the children’s behaviour and emotional problems when the children are with the custodial parent
  • Instruct the child’s school not to provide information or report cards to the other parent and/or attempt to keep the other parent from attending school activities or events
  • Change their child’s surname
  • Get the child to call the other parent by their first name
  • Reject registered mail to them from the other parent
  • Provide the school with false or misleading information about the other parent to keep the other parent and family uninvolved.
  • Commit acts of vandalism or carelessness against the property of other family members.
  • Have fits of intense anger/verbal abuse against the other parent in front of the child and/or other third parties.
  • May attempt to extort money for additional time with the child.
  • Continue to physically or emotionally abuse their child even after the abuse has been brought to their attention by third party professionals.
  • Have their lawyer attempt to intimidate staff at the child’s school.
  • Avoid acknowledging their own child should the HAP parent accidentally meet the child and the other parent together in public.
  • Refuse to speak to other children of the relationship who has not sided with them.
  • Totally severe any relationship between the child and other step parents and extended step parent family.
  • Obsessively restrict the child’s access to a telephone.
  • May threaten and/or intimidate their child.
  • Use underhanded tactics to force the child to recant previous statements.
  • Interrogate their child after a visit with the other parent
  • Make the child write a mean spirited letter to the other parent intended to hurt the other parent or to extort something from them. Such letters may include the child telling his/her non-custodial parent that he/she does not want to see them or that they want more money from the non-custodial parent.
  • Will disrupt their child’s relationship with other children associated with the other parent.
  • Encourage their child to participate in criminal activities.
  • Intercept mail intended for the child.
  • Intercept or destroy E mail messages intended for the child.



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