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Unpacking Dallas and Leaving OZ

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Richard Gardner recognized a pathology.  But he too quickly abandoned the professional rigor required for professional diagnosis.  Diagnosis is the application of standard and established constructs and principles to a set of symptoms.

Instead of applying standard and established constructs and principles to a set of symptoms, Gardner proposed that what he was seeing represented a completely “new form” of pathology that was unique in all of mental health – a “new syndrome” – which was identifiable by a new set of symptoms that he made up for this specific pathology alone based on his anecdotal clinical experience, symptoms that were equally unique in all of mental health.

The moment he proposed a “new syndrome” rather than apply the professional rigor necessary for a professional diagnosis, Gardner led everyone AWAY from the path of professional psychology and into the wilderness of “new forms of pathology.”  And when he did that…

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