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An Open Letter to Enablers of Parental Alienation

So I introduced myself and my situation, I then defined parental alienation before explaining the part you Enablers play in this emotional abuse. At this point you Enablers may be asking “so why are you writing this?” Well as an alienated parent, I am at times physically and mentally exhausted. I am just one of thousands of alienated parents out there. Like many others I will never give up, and this letter is just one of many attempts I will continue to make in trying to promote awareness of parental alienation and hopefully bring about some kind of positive change, no matter how big or small. If this letter gets read by an enabler somewhere in the world and prompts just one of you to think about what you are doing and its effect on any children involved in the evil that is parental alienation, well then that is something.

Source: An Open Letter to Enablers of Parental Alienation


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