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Attachment terror: How all harmful coercion works

the alienation experience

The field of harmful coercive relationships is huge. It stretches across all kinds of family and other groups. But it is all over the place. No one can have read all the shelves and webpages full of great description. Quantity has to do while we wait for a missing quality. The quality it lacks is the coherence of a good integrating theory.

Now the exciting news is that Dr Alexandra Stein’s new book condenses that vast body of knowledge around the backbone and beating heart of a powerful integrating theory. No surprise … that theory is attachment theory. It fits like a glove! You don’t need to look for any other theories.

Attachment theory derives from our understanding of intimate family relationships. Cults function by replicating the most disturbed family attachment patterns to do their dirty work. Leaders of cults often name themselves as if they were parents or siblings.

So Alex Stein’s Terror, Love and Brainwashing: Attachment in cults and totalitarian systems is definitely not…

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