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The Association for Child Psychoanalysis (ACP)

Here you will find information about the ACP, its members, and the way we assist children, parents, and others concerned with children. Naturally, any suggestions you may find here will be very “generic” in nature; in our experience, advice always needs to be fitted to the individual child, family, and situation. You will find a variety of resources, as well as links to other sites and organizations. If you wish to talk with a child psychoanalyst regarding a specific issue, you can search for someone who practices near you. We invite you to bookmark our home page and to return again as the site develops.

Child psychoanalysts are experts in many modalities of psychological treatment of children, adolescents, and their families.  Analysts may consult with the child’s family or with the child or adolescent individually.  In instances where a child’s or adolescent’s unconscious mental activity adversely affects his or her current functioning and ability to progress, psychoanalytic treatment can assist in discovering and mastering inner obstacles and past traumatic experiences.



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