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Briefly, what to do when Parental Alienation gets you

What is Parental Alienation?
As an excluded parent
As an alienated young child
As an alienated grown up child
As a by-stander
Next steps

the alienation experience

Home page of Open Minds Foundation website

Welcome to the launch of the new Open Minds Foundation website!

And, first of all, could you please check and advise on this new very brief guide there:

WHAT TO DO ABOUT PARENTAL ALIENATION … as an excluded parent, as an alienated child, and as a by-stander.

The Open Minds Foundation is committed to tackling all kinds of harmful coercive persuasion – generally known as ‘undue influence’.

There, we have worked on how to include the patterns of family coercion: coercive control in domestic violence, child abuse and parental alienation.

The alienation experience is a key part of harmful coercive persuasion in every kind of family and non-family situations. To be harmfully coerced you need to be cut off from outside information and healthy relationships. In a word that’s: Alienation.

But there’s only the one specific pattern commonly named to include the word ‘alienation’. And that’s: Parental Alienation.

Here’s the sub-headings in that guide on what to do…

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