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Childhood Emotional Abuse Linked to Adult PTSD, Opioid Misuse

New research reveals that children who were emotionally abused are more likely to engage in rash, risky behavior in adolescence and to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as adults. Moreover, opioid use appears to offered a refuge from PTSD for this group — while causing a host of new problems. The severity of the PTSD was directly linked to the severity of their opioid-related problems. In the study, University of Vermont scientists analyzed and cross referenced the results of a series of psychological tests administered to a sample of 84 individuals with a history of problem opioid use who had also suffered childhood trauma. Earlier research has found that a high percentage of adults who abuse substances were maltreated in a variety of ways as children. But few previous studies have investigated the causes of opioid addiction specifically, and no earlier ones narrowed the link among opioid users to emotional abuse. Investigators discovered emotional abuse was much more

Source: Childhood Emotional Abuse Linked to Adult PTSD, Opioid Misuse


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