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Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Definition & Traits

Definition of MNPD

If we are to gain a better understanding of malignant narcissistic personality disorder, we must first have a basic understanding of its more common predecessor, narcissistic personality disorder. If someone truly has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), he or she, most often he, feels superior to others, exhibits attention-seeking behavior, and usually acts in a very callous manner. This disorder, as well as its malignant form, typically presents by early adulthood. Behaviors specific to these disorders occur across all areas of life and can cause social or occupational problems.

Individuals with malignant narcissistic personality disorder (MNPD) will also demonstrate feelings of grandiosity, or exaggerated feelings of superiority; paranoia, or the belief that people are out to get him or her; and sadism, or the need to hurt and humiliate others. So, as you can see, MNPD includes all of the symptoms of NPD, but in more extreme forms.



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