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How Do Psychologists Determine Personality Trait Levels?

The absence of any clear boundary separating introverts from extraverts is why most personality psychologists use the language of personality traits rather than personality types. Let’s say a person scored 92 on this Extraversion trait scale. A 92 is clearly above the average score of 82, but is it high enough to type the person as an extravert? Most personality psychologists will not even try to answer this question. Instead, they will use some sort of statistical language to describe how high this extraversion trait score is. One such statistical term is a percentile score. A percentile score indicates the percentage of persons who score lower than the score on the test. If you count how many people in this sample of almost 620,000 scored lower than a 92, you would find that number to be 75 percent. So for this Extraversion scale and this group of persons, a 92 represents a percentile score of 75. (That result might be different if you were being compared only to males or females in the group, and/or to people of roughly the same age.)



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