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A Construct Study of the Eight Symptoms of Severe Parental Alienation Syndrome

A survey study was conducted of adults who self-reported having children who were severely alienated from them. The primary research questions addressed were: (1) To what extent were the eight symptoms of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)-as identified by the construct’s originator, Dr. Richard Gardner reported to be manifested by the alienated children? And (2) holding severity constant, to what degree did the frequency of symptoms vary? Sixty-eight parents reported that the relationship with their children was severely damaged due to the attitudes and actions of the other parent. One question was asked about each of Gardner’s eight symptoms (campaign of denigration, frivolous, weak or absurd rationale for the alienation, lack of ambivalence towards the alienating, lack of guilt or remorse about the alienation, borrowed scenarios, independent thinker phenomenon, taking the alienating parent’s side in the conflict, and spread of alienation to the extended family of the targeted parent). Additional questions were surveyed to determine whether despite the severity of the alienation, were there moments in which the child was less than completely rejecting and committed to the alienation. Results revealed general support for the presence of the eight symptoms of PAS as well as insight into windows of opportunity when even the most severely alienated child demonstrates some “cracks in the armor,” raising hope for clinical intervention and eventual reunification.


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2 thoughts on “A Construct Study of the Eight Symptoms of Severe Parental Alienation Syndrome

  1. So in that case why are children and babies being deliberately alienated from their parents using lies and deceit by LA`s who have spent years failing the very children now in their clutches in every way possible ? The children are being ferried from one fraud quack to another whilst in care in order to cause further neurological damage from the vitamin b12 symptoms they have and their deficiencies are being deliberately prolonged in care in order to cause further needless illness which will provide spoilt middle class post graduate delusional twits with victims for CAMHS and SEN education as well as children`s hospitals and last but not least sadistic paedophiles posing as foster carers and adopters . Those who were working in the NHS as child groomers are now working for Cafcass and social services and child protection and as many suspect there are a number of lawyers who were once doctors who are trying to bat off any prosecution by having a bloody holocaust instead . There are more lawyers per square mile than anywhere else and yet tellingly no legal aid . Who do these twits think they are fooling ? Can`t they see they are wearing the emperors new clothes and their elaborate plan is plain as day to the intelligent people doing proper jobs . ? Can`t they see they look like scroungers of the worst order whilst telling the rest they have to have ` austerity measures ` ? Can`t middle class twits find something honest to do instead of being family damaged and being nothing but mummy and daddys mini me`s . They have been terribly emotionally damaged by their overly ambitious parents and their self serving interests have hurt other peoples babies and children and these post graduates are now calling it their career . . . Conning people out of their health is not a career . Conning people out of their right to the jobs market is not a career either and nor is conning people out of their right to justice . Grooming babies and children for the purpose of sexual abuse using a vitamin b12 deficiency / forceps and head x-raying then referring them to social services to be sexually abused is not a job or a career . It`s what the yes people do . It`s what the drones and the nobody`s do . It`s what the not very bright folks do . .


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