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Difference between Alienation and Estrangement

Notes from an Alienated Dad

I thought this post was extremely helpful.  (See Link at Bottom)

“It isn’t uncommon for a parent who is estranged from his/her children to blame the other parent of PAS. It is easier to blame others for bad behavior than to accept and acknowledge bad behavior.”

I have to be honest.  After reading this, I was a bit concerned.  Maybe I was doing this?  Maybe I was really estranged from my children — through my own fault  — and I was blaming my ex-wife for this instead of taking my own responsibility.

I was relieved to see the later information in the post:

A parent who has been alienated from his/her child will continue to pursue a relationship with the child. The parent will attempt to communicate on a regular basis, will send emails and cards. The same parent will use the court system to fight the alienating parent…

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