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The Transmogrification of Trauma in Parental Alienation

Karen Woodall

Far from being the kind of cosy kitchen table topic portrayed by the BBC in recent weeks, parental alienation is actually, often, a scene straight from a horror story.  In cases I have been involved in over the years, the transmission of intergenerational trauma has transmogrified the behaviours of children into a grotesque pantomime.  The issue is chilling in the most extreme form and it is nothing short of a descent into madness which encapsulates all who come near it.  In a recent report on from  the USA, this horror is illuminated by the vengeful rage of a mother who, determined that the other parent shall not have the child, murdered her daughter.  This is the Medea Complex which is seen in some cases of parental alienation. In recent cases I have worked in, themes of false allegations of sexual abuse in extreme circumstances have been prevalent. There is nothing…

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