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When is it time to seek help for narcissistic personality disorder?

As with all personality disorders, experts agree that seeking help as soon as possible is essential for effective recovery. It will also help to ensure that people living with NPD do not go on to develop severe complications. These may cause further distress in their relationships and everyday life. Although the severity of narcissistic personality disorder will differ between individuals, generally all sufferers are considered to be at risk of developing the following if their disorder is left untreated:

  • depression
  • alcohol abuse
  • substance abuse
  • suicidal thoughts or behaviour.

Due to the nature of NPD it is very rare for sufferers to actively seek help. Often people with acute narcissism do not recognise they have a problem. Many may only consider treatment if their disorder starts to significantly impact their lives. Some sufferers will visit their GP when they develop symptoms of depression – usually because of a build-up of perceived rejections or criticisms. From here they will be officially diagnosed. This could lead onto potentially life-changing narcissistic personality disorder treatment.



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