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Toxic Socialization

Toxic Socialization is a socialization process specifically designed to fracture attachments, undermine Self Esteem, destroy ego boundaries, and disable the body’s ability to contain higher levels of Consciousness. Toxic socialization undermines Development and damages the child by denying them satisfaction of needs and exposing them to violence and neglect that undermine the health and integrity of the Physical Unit. Toxic socialization is implemented in order to create a docile and compliant Physical Unit with low CQ, willing to fit into the accumulation machinery of this planet (Sharp, 2013). Toxic socialization is characterized by:

  • Displacement of parents as primary role models and authority figures in the child’s life
  • Destruction and/or degradation of primary attachments
  • Violence and abuse. Violence and abuse includes physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual violence.
    • physical abuse: hitting, biting, corporal punishment, prenatal exposure to drugs. sexual abuse: sexual contact or non-contact, sexual interference (Behl, Conyngham, & May, 2003)
    • psychological abuse: abuse that impairs the mental life of the individual, including impairment of intelligence, memory, perception, attention, imagination, and moral development (O’Hagan, 1995).
    • emotional abuse: o abuse that impairs/damages the emotional life of the individual, including their ability to properly regulate emotions, and to take responsibility, be confident, be open to others when appropriate, maintain appropriate boundaries, and trust. Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse, excessive demands, excessively harsh judgments, and other abuse patterns that impact the child’s ability to feel happy and healthy in their own skin (O’Hagan, 1995).
    • spiritual abuse:



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