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The Angry Personality

As in my chapter with Kerns (Vol. 1 of this handbook) I draw from affect science and phenomenology in conceptualizing emotion. I situate emotion within a triad of feeling-related phenomena, with mood and temperament as the other two close relatives of emotion. This means that anger, like any feeling, not only has quality and quantity but also has form. Qualitatively, it is unpleasant yet categorically different from other discrete emotions such as sadness and fear. Quantitatively, it varies on a continuum of intensity or arousal from low levels called annoyance to high levels called rage. Additionally, anger can assume the form of an emotion, a mood, or a temperament, depending on whether it is phasic, tonic, or cyclic. It is the temperament form of anger that is the focus of this chapter. Specifically, boundaries between anger and related concepts are explored, past measures of dispositional anger are surveyed, and a new set of dimensions is presented for a more comprehensive assessment of the ‘angry person’.



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