Social Services!!!!

I do hope Bedfordshire Social Services have improved their act since these events.

I think the documents say it all!!!!

Very little has changed since then over 30 years ago.

I followed their advice and took a step back to my children some space.

All that has happened is that is has allowed the alienation to continue and now 30 years on it is completely irreversible.




Parental Alienation 24 years on – 1


Parental Alienation 24 years on – 2



10 thoughts on “Social Services!!!!

  1. Tragically a very common story. I have had equally appalling and incompetent treatment from Social Service and I have not now seen my daughter in almost 15 years. I was treated terribly only 5 years ago by the aptly named SS (they were f***ing useless). I can only hope my daughter, who is now 21, wakes up and starts to realise one day what really happened.

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    1. Hi Nigel , Just tweeted you back. Have you tried the FB group PARENTAL ALIENATION (UK) SUPPORT AND HELP
      What needs to be done is for someone in the UK to contact Isabelle Trowler to educate her on PA? She is Chief Social Worker for England (Children & Families).


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