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Behind Parental Alienation

There are many parents and children suffering from Parental Alienation. It’s tragic. I know this because my youtube video on the subject has an excessive number of responses…too many people are relating to this issue.


Today, let’s take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes. What motivates the alienator to abuse their children by disapproving of their relationship with the target parent? Hint: Narcissism and PAS are often found in the same scenario…but not always.


PAS is one of the narcissist’s favorite strategies to take control of the children during divorce. Many of the narcissist’s actions are based on fear, insecurity and past trauma. Parental Alienation is no different. Unfortunately, the person they are attempting to pay back (their ex) is not technically the one who ends up damaged. Hurt? Yes, it hurts like hell to be on the receiving end of such bitter and unnecessary disregard. Damaged? No, we aren’t the ones who end up damaged.



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