The Peculiar Task of Learning to Live with Two Parents in One Body

Karen Woodall

This week I continue my focus on children in recovery from alienation. This is a different aspect of the work that I do and one which I have recently been immersed in having helped a number of children to move from living with one parent to living with the other.  This means that I have been able to focus upon the ways in which children recover from alienation as well as actively help to bring about the emergence from the alienated state of mind.

Children who are alienated live with only one parent inside of themselves. This is an odd statement so let me explain what I mean.  As a psychotherapist I am focused always upon understanding the felt sense of the lives that  that children live. The felt sense being that intrapsychic and internalised world of feelings which children are submerged within.  Children are not adults.  Therefore there is…

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