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A voice for our grandchildren.

Jan 30th, 2017 –

Written by: Jane Jackson

Today we will be joining a group of grandparents from all over the UK to lobby our MPs’ at Westminster and to discuss the importance of the relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents.

We will discuss the need for government to remove the ‘right to apply for leave’  when applying for a Child Arrangement Order. At present grandparents have to apply for leave, (just another word for permission) to then apply to the court of a CMO.

Going to court has to be the very last resort, and although it is not something that ever BGSG advise we will and do of course support our grandparents who make that decision.

Those who are able to attend this event tomorrow are doing it for their grandchildren, nothing to do with grandparents rights, but about the rights and well-being of the children.

In recent reports on the happiness of children it clearly states that a very large number of children are unhappy because of bad family relationships.

In may well be that the adults will never see eye to eye, but they all have a responsibility for the happiness and well-being of our young people. Time to put the children first.

Settle our differences away from the children.

1 in 10 children also say that they have no one who cares about them, well I am here and I am going tomorrow to shout out very loud indeed.




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