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Sex and Drugs and Raves

Natural Born Liars

A insight to what goes on behind closed doors during Parental Alienation

A story based on true facts during a battle which has lasted over 27 years and continues up until this day.

All names have been changed to protect the identity of the persons involved.

Sex and Drugs and Raves third part of the book Natural Born Liars

About one year prior to the divorce a young couple called Di and Gus moved into the village with their three children, they purchased a house just across the road, almost opposite.

Apparently Kram use to go to school with Gus and they went back a long way. One day Gus came over to the house to see Kram, he was not your conventional type of father/ husband, in fact he was quite rude and intimidating.

Kram and Gus started going out in the evenings and coming home in the early hours of the morning on a regular basis. Kram’s behavior changed quite dramatically along with my daughter May, they would gang up together and be verbally abusive towards me. My daughter was very taken with Gus as he knew everything there was to know about horses!!

One early summer evening Gus came over to collect Kram to go somewhere in the car, by then I had given up asking where he was going as I never ever got a straight answer. May insisted on going with them her words were “I am not staying here with her” so off they went.

Several hours later May told me what had happened!!! She said that her father, Gus and two other men had driven around the corner to a piece of waste land behind the local mechanics garage. She had been told to stay in the car. She said they opened the boot and took out wellington boots and shovels and went into the derelict shed on the wasteland. Then she told me that she got out of the car and went to look inside the shed to see what was happening. She said all four of them were standing looking at the ground with shovels in hand and wellington boots on. When I pressurized her to tell me what happened next she said “nothing” then apparently they took the two other men home and came back. I did not know whether to believe her or not she did have a very vivid imagination.

Earlier that week Kram had bought a Ford Granada from the auctions, silver grey and only a few years old, not unusual as he often purchased cars from the local auctions.

That evening after the shed event Kram, Gus and who knows who else all went out in the new Granada for the evening. I tried to discourage Kram as I knew he did not have a problem with drinking and driving but my pleas fell on deaf ears.When did he ever take any notice of anything I had to say.

I heard the car arrive home in the early hours of the morning and went back to sleep. I had given up on the arguing by then and my mindset was already fixed on divorce but I had not yet contacted a solicitor.

Kram got up very early the next day and went out to the car and started stripping out the seats and emptying the boot, even the carpets came out. He then proceeded to scrub the carpets, boot and seats with hot water and detergent and disinfectant.

I was totally astonished as the car had just been valeted when we purchased it just over one week ago. Who was I to question it!!

Three days later the car had gone to the local scrap yard in town, what a waste, or was it!!!!

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