My mother does not love me

excerpt No 2 from the book #NaturalBornLiars  © Linda Turner

The divorce had been processed very quickly due to the “unreasonable behavior” and we both agreed in the best interests of the children it should be joint custody. But the financial settlement still had to be finalized and legalized.

I had arranged a potential viewing of the house with a local estate agent that evening, I was desperate to sell the house as the arrears  were accumulating due to Kram my now ex husband not paying the mortgage.

Up early at 5.00am to clean and tidy the house, get Edan my son off to school at 8.00pm in time to catch the school bus to Aylesbury, then off to Hemel Hempstead to my temporary low paid job.

Edan was a sensitive soul and being two years older than his sister at thirteen understood the reality of what was happening. He was embarrassed and disgusted by his fathers behavior and had not seen him for many weeks until recently – after persistent nagging from my side. He was due to go to his flat in the next village that day after school.

I returned home that evening exhausted and apprehensive about my sons visit, and the house viewing later in the evening. The local village estate agents were due at 7.00pm.

Went upstairs to change out of my work suit into something more casual, Edan still had not returned from his fathers. I entered the bedroom which I had left immaculate ready for the viewing and turned to look in the mirror and to my horror scribbled across the bedroom wall in red lipstick where the words.

I knew from that moment it was going to be a bumpy ride……….


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