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Your right to be kept informed – How things have changed – or have they?

Access to Health Records Act 1990

Note: my daughter was 14 at the time and under the influence of Parental Alienation after 6 weeks of mediation with social services.

Absolutely no chance of getting written consent from my daughter, I could not even get to talk to her, never mind see her.


Access to school information

This next letter was to the school after they had been advised that I was no longer alive!!!!!!


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WTV News Parental Alienation INT

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Campaigners are challenging the government to get more help for grandparents being denied access to their grandchildren. Esther Shaw finds out more…

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Your Right to Be Kept Informed About Your Child: A Guide

Wow how things change!!! In my time (1992) if your partner had a residency order they could use this to deny you access to anything even though we had 6 weeks of mediation with a social worker because I had been denied access to my children.

Medical records – the doctors and hospitals refused to give me details even though we had joint custody.

Schooling and education – When I visited my daughters school they had been told that I had died!!! They were most surprised to see me.

11-Cloud 5

Approach Your Ex-Partner

First, however difficult it may be, you should approach the resident parent. Explain that you are interested in your child’s progress and wellbeing and that you would like to have the same information from school and doctors as they have. It will often be the easiest way to get access to documents, as your child’s mother will have all the information provided for them, and can simply forward copies on to you.

Medical Information

In an ideal world, sharing your concerns with the resident parent should solve the situation.

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Warshak Parent Questionnaire

The WPQ-2 elicits:

identifying information on the child and family, including stepparents and stepsiblings
a comprehensive developmental history
symptom checklists keyed to the DSM-IV
a family history of psychological problems
a history of stressful life events
a history of school adjustment
assessments of temperamental traits
ratings of motor and cognitive strengths and weaknesses
ratings of self-esteem and relations with peers and adults
a medical history

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Sociopaths and Empathy

Alrighty, enough shitting around, let’s get down to the real problems.  And by “Let’s” I mean me, because only I read these.  And by “real” problems, I mean the …

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