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Labels and Alienation

the alienation experience

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 14.00.26Most people know of a pattern that happens when families separate. That pattern is when one parent turns a child against the other parent without good reason. But, for decades, giving that pattern a short name has caused endless trouble even though labels are meant to help!

This hassle has taken up a heck of a lot of the energies of those trying to get the pattern described, recognised, researched and helped. Now the slightest mention of the label instantly enrages some people.

Let’s unpack why this has happened. If you can be bothered to read it all, you’ll see that, one way and the other, unpacking labels has been the story of my life.

Pretty well everyone has tackled this topic in many different ways – e.g. Bill Bernet, Sue Whitcombe’s comprehensive and prize-winning accountCraig Childress and Joan Kloth-Zanard (see her list of other names for PA in the comments here). This attempt of mine may need a…

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