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Surviving Parental Alienation Syndrome One Day at a Time with Love, Faith, & Hope


Parental Alienation Syndrome is a tragedy for every member of a family: the children who are denied access to a warm, loving, biological parent; the alienated parent who is denied a relationship with his/her child(ren); the alienating parent who often suffers a mental illness which allows them to feel righteous and justified in their actions; as well as the extended family and friends caught up in the turmoil.

For the alienated parent, he/she is experiencing a heart-breaking, gut-wrenching situation, often leaving him/her feeling isolated and hopeless like he/she is the only person in the world that this is happening to. This parent will begin to question him/herself in everything that they do, or worse, blame themselves. He/she is probably unaware of the phenomenon known as Parental Alienation Syndrome or P.A.S. Unfortunately, this is a relatively unknown phenomenon in our society. More unfortunate is that this is a steadily increasing problem that more…

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