Those of us who are concerned about the detrimental effects of the PAS on children and on the alienated parent must become armed with the overwhelming indications from all aspects of our culture that confirm the child’s instinctive love for both parents. We cannot be deterred from lifting the blindness to the existence of the PAS of the professionals who intervene in child custody. All aspects of our culture—- from music to art to literature to psychology—- reveal that you have to be carefully taught to hate and fear a parent.

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Why PAS Children Could Pass a Lie Detector Test

By Linda Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-r

PAS children BELIEVE the frivolous, malicious, deprecating accusations they concoct against their targeted/alienated parent. I am absolutely convinced that they can pass any lie detector test without batting an eyelash. Just observe them and you will agree.

Why is this so? To begin with, these children must create accusations in order to justify their unwarranted deprecation and rejection of their targeted parent. Because it is so anti-instinctual to hate and reject a parent, a rationale must be invented. The rationale becomes a delusional system that justifies how they maltreat, marginalize, and reject their alienated parent. This is just one reason why alienation is such a terrible form of psychological child abuse: creating a delusional system is a form of psychosis! Think about it: would it not be palatable for a child to reject an abusive parent? But to the contrary, how do you justify rejecting a competent, loving, supportive, and involved parent?

The question then becomes why PAS children are so susceptible to the brainwashing of the alienating parent. This is also a no-brainer: it is virtually impossible for a child to reject and contradict a parent upon whom they are so dependent. Sometimes the alienating parent is the nonresidential parent. In those situations, these children are bribed for their allegiance. What child can resist the offer for all sorts of electronic goodies, the biggest being YOUR OWN AUTOMOBILE!

Let us not forget the sagacious comments of Christopher Barden, Ph.D., J.D., LP, (2006) psychologist and attorney, having received two national research awards in psychology and a law degree with honors from Harvard Law School:

“There can be no credible controversy about the power of parents to influence children.” Dr. Barden further challenged every professional who intervenes in child custody cases to recognize their

“critical obligation to carefully review the influence of parents, therapists or other adults on the attitudes, beliefs and memories of children.”

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Putting the Pieces Together

Seven years ago, I celebrated the end of an unhappy, unhealthy marriage and eagerly looked forward to creating a new happier, healthier life with my four children. Little did I know that my divorce…

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Victimized Children Suffer Throughout Their Lives

How difficult are the lives of adult victims of parental alienation? Research reveals the depth and extent  of cruelty inflicted on children by the alienator parent.  In their psychotic campaign to degrade and denigrate the targeted parent the alienator inflicts damage from which the child may never recover. It seems so ironic that the parent who was so intent on being perceived as the “good parent”  actually is guilty of criminal child abuse as damaging as the physical or sexual abuse so often  handled by family courts.  It is just less visible. Parental alienation  is like a mythical creature that consumes children’s souls.

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Surviving Parental Alienation Syndrome One Day at a Time with Love, Faith, & Hope


Parental Alienation Syndrome is a tragedy for every member of a family: the children who are denied access to a warm, loving, biological parent; the alienated parent who is denied a relationship with his/her child(ren); the alienating parent who often suffers a mental illness which allows them to feel righteous and justified in their actions; as well as the extended family and friends caught up in the turmoil.

For the alienated parent, he/she is experiencing a heart-breaking, gut-wrenching situation, often leaving him/her feeling isolated and hopeless like he/she is the only person in the world that this is happening to. This parent will begin to question him/herself in everything that they do, or worse, blame themselves. He/she is probably unaware of the phenomenon known as Parental Alienation Syndrome or P.A.S. Unfortunately, this is a relatively unknown phenomenon in our society. More unfortunate is that this is a steadily increasing problem that more…

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Corrupt social workers in the uk

Thank you for your telephone call earlier this month. Unfortunately we cannot comment about the Spanish social services’ decisions around contact arrangements for the children and their parents.


read the letter received from CAFCASS here:-

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‘If I can’t have them, he can’t have them either’

Mother ‘abused by her partner’ stabbed her two young daughters to death in their beds in women’s refuge before saying: ‘If I can’t have them he can’t have them either’

  • Samira Lupidi accused of murdering daughters Jasmine, 1, and Evelyn, 3
  • Girls were found at a women’s refuge with nine chest stab wounds each
  • Lupidi told police ‘she was scared partner Carl Weaver, 31, would kill her’
  • She has admitted killings and previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter 
  • Crown didn’t accept plea and she is on trial at Bradford Crown Court

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Mercer Redux — Dr Craig Childress: Attachment-Based “Parental Alienation”

Dr. Jean Mercer is at it again. Challenging an attachment-based model of “parental alienation” with vague allegations and outright falsehood. Flying Monkeys, “Parental Alienation”, and… No Vivid Writing Please So let me address Dr. Mercer one more time. For the record, this is my position: The pathology that is traditionally called “parental alienation” in the […]

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Types of ECA

When emotional abuse is shown in movies or TV programs, the abuser is often a huge, ugly, fierce-looking adult. The abuser never looks like the kind-faced person next door. The abuser is never an o…

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Emotional Child Abuse Defined

Emotional Child Abuse Defined

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