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What is Anti-Social Personality Disorder?

What is “Anti-Social Personality Disorder”? ASPD is a Cluster B personality type. Approximately 4% of the general population of the world meet clinical specifications for the diagnostic criteria established by the DSM-5. Among the generalized group of people classified, there are several emergent fields of research and ongoing Abnormal Psychology studies.

Not only can folks be considered Anti-Social in general (a mild condition that emotionally disconnects a person from friends, family, and all others not like them among humanity), there are more extreme personality disorders like fully blown Sociopathy or Psychopathy, Malignant Narcissists, and other people who have comorbid conditions like Narcopaths (people whose fundamental core nature is extremely sociopathic and narcissistic by diagnostic criteria at the same time).

In children, the precursor to having Anti-Social Personality Disorder is something called “Childhood Conduct Disorder”. Children with such personality types have roughly a 50/50 chance of developing the condition when full-grown.

Source: What is Anti-Social Personality Disorder



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