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Reunification Therapy: A Comparison of Outcomes in the UK Family Court System

Karen Woodall

The Family Separation Clinic specialises in reunification therapy in cases where children resist or reject contact with a once loved parent.  We regularly achieve successful outcomes in our work using a wide range of different approaches and interventions which are matched to our differentiation of the underlying reasons why a child is in such a situation.

This week we have been reviewing two cases in which we have successfully reunited children with the parent they were once adamantly rejecting and I thought it would be worth sharing some of the key indicators in these two very different cases.

The only thing at the outset which was the same in each of these cases was that the children involved were completely rejecting, all to the point of hysterical refusal on attempts to help them see a parent.

Case 1: Four children, aged between 8 and 13, all rejecting their mother. Children were…

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