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Letting go may be the last and best thing you can do for your alienated children

Letting go may be the last and best thing you can do for your alienated children. Letting go is not about making your alienated children comfortable nor validating their unreasonable and irrational behaviour toward you.

At some point, you and your alienated children have to stop being victims.

Letting go is about affirming that both you and your alienated children are making a decision for which each of you must assume responsibility and accept its consequences. Until now, your children have not experienced any consequences for their behaviour toward you. Letting go lets them know that they are choosing this outcome and therefore they also have the choice to choose differently. This is the example that you are setting. There is plenty of research now that demonstrates that sometimes the one thing that helps alcohol and drug dependent people, people trapped in cults and others enduring self- destructive behaviours is a choice and responsibility to live differently, to reject the programming from others.

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