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What it really takes to be a parental alienation practitioner

Back from some time away and preparing to work intensively with families until the Christmas break. Having been at the centre of the eruption amongst parental alienation experts in the US however, I thought I had better put some thoughts down about how this has affected us in the UK and our work with families. Especially as one reader wrote to me this week to say that she felt as if she were a child in the midst of her  warring parents. Something I would never want for anyone who reads this or other blogs about parental alienation.

To be blunt, the fact is it hasn’t really affected us at all and our work in the UK continues just as it always has done. The only difference that the spat appears to have made is that we have become overwhelmed with requests for help and support. Given that we are working 14 hours a day at the moment and using all of our spare time to get ready to launch our new website and book, this puts more pressure on us at a time when we are focused  on our new projects. Trust me however, we will get these things done and we will meet the demand for help somehow. Working in this field has never been easy, rolling our sleeves a little further up and gritting our teeth is a familiar feeling.

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