24 Years on and no change!!!

Many have you have requested that I continue with my postings and hopefully you will find some of the information helpful.

winners and losers

I created this site to share my experience in the hope that it may help others when making decisions on Parental Custody.

You can find a brief outline of my circumstances under true stories, I do not want to publish all the details as the battle went on in a sleepy village in Edlesborough for over 8 years at a cost of my 2 children and thirty three thousand pounds back in 1990!!!!

A word of warning! I had 6 weeks of mediation back in 1990 and was advised by a Bedfordshire  social worker to stand back and let things settle. After the mediation my ex blocked all access, phone calls and visits, even at Christmas and Birthday’s and  I have only seen my son for 6 weeks over 23 years since the age of 13! I have had a short time of 8 years with my daughter since the age of 11 – she is now 35!!!! I also have a grandson I am not allowed to see or contact and a granddaughter who I have never seen!!

I am very fortunate to have a loving husband and my family have been very understanding and supportive. Without them I could not have come through it all sane!!!!

4 Comments on “24 Years on and no change!!!”

  1. “Stand back and let things settle” is a line I heard while going through the divorce too. There is something terribly wrong when a divorce process goes on and on…one would think that judges could recognize a high conflict divorce as a giant red flag and protect kids accordingly. I can only imagine the emotional pain you have lived with. Many warm thought coming your way💙💜


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