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Seeing my mother again

Memories of an Alienated Daughter

It is very clear to me, as I am on my way to visit my mother, finally,  that I have a very different feeling about seeing her  now than I did the last time, twenty years ago. There is an absence of fear this time, of that dark feeling of keeping a secret from my father. I believe I pushed my mother away all those years ago, sabotaged any chance of building a relationship again, and of letting her into my children’s lives. I simply could not reconcile in my mind how this would work while my father was in our lives as well. The mind control, and the fear, caused by parent alienation goes deep. It cannot be overestimated. It often, perhaps usually, follows us into adulthood, sometimes, sadly, through our entire lives.

But now, finally, I am educated on the topic and I see through my father’s justifications…

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