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Brainwashing – Mind Control

Have you ever wondered how narcissists and sociopaths (narcopaths) are so highly skilled at control and manipulation tactics without ever having stepped foot in an advanced psychology classroom? Were you ever curious how by some means they instinctively know how to take a smart, successful and happy person and methodically dismantle their self-worth and self-esteem to smithereens so covertly that the target is completely unaware that it’s even happening until it is too late? Have you said to yourself, “It’s like they all went to the same Jim Jones University of Narcopathy or they all must have read the same Narcopath For Dummies book?”

Narcopaths are innately born masters of the art of manipulation. They set their traps long before they are ever sprung. They deliberately ensnare their targets like skilled trappers catch prey. Once captured, the narcopath erodes the target’s self-esteem and self-worth with such insidious stealth as to make the target believe they are to blame and that they are the one who has disappointed the narcopath.

All narcopaths use a combination of classic brainwashing techniques, behavior modification methods and various forms of ambient abuse. The narcopath meticulously and systematically executes these tactics with the intuitiveness of a psychic and the savagery of a beast.

The 8 essential steps and requirements for successful brainwashing and covert manipulation are:

  1. Lack of remorse and guilt about causing emotional harm to the target.
  2. Lower the target’s guard through love bombing in the form of excessive showers of flattery, adoration and praise.
  3. Isolate the target.
  4. Camouflage the hidden agenda, intentions and manipulative behaviors.
  5. Uncover the psychological vulnerabilities of the target to determine what tactics are likely to be most effective.
  6. Expose the target to mixed messages by alternating love and kindness with cruelty and criticism.
  7. Manage the target down by creating an atmosphere of unpredictability and chaos which constantly keeps the target walking on egg shells.
  8. Erode the target’s identity using various forms of ambient abuse such as; guilt tripping, blame-shifting, projection, gas-lighting and triangulation.


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