Forgiven – the mentally unstable Alienator

The fervor with which my ex has relentlessly maligned, verbally assaulted, cheated, and stolen from me has been shocking. In his commitment to erase me from the lives of my children and grandchildren, he has waged a campaign (over 24 years) of denigration that has been truly staggering.

His venom and rage and his desire to destroy me have far outweighed his love for the children and grandchildren.

I have gained new strength and resolve to “never give up.” The unfairness (evil is more accurate) and the agonizing pain and suffering (in the past) due to the loss of my children/grandchildren have been validated.

After years of despair and hopelessness, armed with the “truth” about my situation, the dark and heavy cloud has finally lifted.

I have come to realize that my ex had employed many of the abusive alienating tactics early in the marriage. The “why” is far deeper than can be unpacked, but after reading and learning it is helpful to recognize the family history of alienating behavior as well as behavior that undoubtedly has contributed to his “narcissistic” tendencies.

He obviously needs my compassion and forgiveness, as he must be in a much darker place than I have ever been to continue with this obsession with destroying my children’s/grandchildren’ s relationship with me. If not, I am sure he will go completely insane (if he has not already done so).

So I urge all of you to forgive the alienators and have compassion, for they must be truly mentally tortured and unstable.!!!

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