RESIDENCE ORDERS- Dont go there!

Source: RESIDENCE ORDERS- Dont go there!


My ex went for a residence order to enable him to take the children on holiday without my permission, he then used the residency order to move back into the marital home we had lived in for 12 years in Edlesborough, and basically take over. Eventually I was forced to leave after being pushed through a glass door. I was then refused access to my children, by visits, letter, phone or any other means, even at Christmas and birthdays.

The only time I had contact with them was for 6 weeks through social services who were completely fooled by his charade. The children were groomed for each session with the social worker. My daughter actually admitted to this years 10 years later and also added that her father actually dated the social worker to win her over!!!

She also claimed they were terrified of the repercussions before and after each session with the social worker.

He never ever did take them on holiday; however he would go on holiday with various girlfriends leaving the children with his relatives!!!!

Speaks volumes – what a sad upbringing my children had, very different from what they would have had if he had been mature and adult enough to give the children the love they deserved.

More information on residency orders which came into play in 1990 when I was going through my divorce

Residency Orders – Not to be recommended as they can be abused in the wrong hands

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