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Forging a Relationship with your Child’s New Stepparent

Source: Forging a Relationship with your Child’s New Stepparent

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Grief and Ongoing Pain in Parents Dealing with Alienation

Source: Grief and Ongoing Pain in Parents Dealing with Alienation

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Strategies for Overcoming Parental Narcissism:

Source: Strategies for Overcoming Parental Narcissism:

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You may be an alienator …..

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Source: You may be an alienator …..

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To my Children and millions of others who have alienated one of your parents

and unreasonably believe the lies and false stories and refuse to look at the FACTS…

Understand as Martin Luther King, Jr. and other well-respected advocates for equal rights have said:

When you remain SILENT and REFUSE to help those fighting for equal rights YOU yes, YOU are helping those who are destroying equal rights because you are ENABLING them to continue their evil ways.
Stand up to them by helping your loving, honest alienated parent, IF YOU ARE KIND, COMPASSIONATE and ALSO BELIEVE IN EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. YOUR CHOICES DEFINE YOUR DESTINY.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. also said: Our lives begin to END the day we become silent about things that matter.
Thus, if YOU, yes YOU remain silent about the YOUR alienation of your loving, honest, Mother (father), that means YOU must NOT care about her. ***You are adults now and are responsible for your actions or if you refuse to act and remain silent.

Love, Mom

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my vast knowledge and experiences from facing my challenges with reason, love and truth and not succumbing to evil or their acts of cowardly intimidation and standing up for GOODNESS, KINDNESS AND EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL.

– By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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Kick Parental Alienation’s @$$ – A Case for Parental Alienation

Social Media is going to Kick Parental Alienation’s Ass.

Source: Kick Parental Alienation’s @$$ – A Case for Parental Alienation

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Feel sorry for and pity the Alienator

Have pity and feel sorry for the alienating parent.I speak from experience, you do not have to be a psychologist or social worker to work it out. The alienator – (be them a parent, sibling or grandparent) obviously has severe insecurity issues and much emotional baggage.

Source: Feel sorry for and pity the Alienator

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Can #PASDamaged Minds be Repaired?


Source: Can #PASDamaged Minds be Repaired?

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Severe Cases of the Parental Alienation Syndrome.The mothers of these children are often fanatic. They will use every maneuver at their disposal (legal and illegal) to obstruct visitation. They are obsessed with hatred of their husbands. In many cases, they are paranoid. Sometimes the paranoid thoughts and feelings about the husband are focused on him alone; in other cases, this paranoia is just one example of many types of paranoid thinking. Often the paranoia did not exhibit itself before the breakup of the marriage and is a manifestation of the psychiatric disintegration that often results from protracted divorce (especially custody) disputes.(2) Central to the paranoid mechanism is projection. These mothers see in their husbands many objectionable characteristics that actually exist within themselves characteristics that they do not wish to recognize. By projecting these unacceptable qualities onto their husbands, they can consider themselves innocent victims. When a sex-abuse accusation becomes incorporated into the package, such mothers may be projecting their own sexual inclinations onto the father. (3 6, 7) In the service of this goal they exaggerate and distort any comment the child makes that might justify the allegation. And this is not difficult to do because children normally will entertain sexual fantasies, often of the most bizarre form. I agree with Freud (8) that children are “polymorphous perverse,” and they thereby provide these mothers with an ample supply of material to serve as nuclei for their projections and accusations.Such mothers do not respond to logic, confrontations with reality, or appeals to reason. They will readily believe the most preposterous scenarios provided by or elicited from their children. Experienced and skilled mental health examiners – who claim that there is no evidence for the accusation are dismissed as being against them or as being bribed by the husband. And this is typical of paranoid thinking: it does not respond to logic, and any confrontation that might shake the system is rationalized into the paranoid scenario. Even a court decision that there is absolutely no evidence that the father is guilty of sex abuse does not alter her beliefs nor reduce her commitment to deprecation of the father. Energizing the rage is the “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” phenomenon.The children of these mothers are similarly fanatic. They often share her paranoid fantasies about the father. They may become panic-stricken over the prospect of visiting their father. Their blood-curdling shrieks, panicked states, and hostility may be so severe that visitation may seem impossible. If placed in the father’s home they may run away, become paralyzed with morbid fear, or be so destructive that removal becomes necessary. Unlike children in the moderate and mild categories, their panic and hostility may not be reduced quickly in the father’s home. However, there are children in this category whose state of agitated rage against the father will become reduced if required (especially by court order) to remain in their father’s home over an ongoing period.Regarding the therapeutic approaches in this category, traditional therapy for the mother is most often not possible. Usually, she has absolutely no insight into her deep-seated psychiatric problems and is thereby totally unreceptive to treatment. Often, she will consider therapists and other evaluators who believe that her delusions are not warranted to be joining in with her husband. These examiners thereby become incorporated into the paranoid system. A court order that she enter into treatment is futile. Judges are sometimes naive with regard to their belief that one can order a person into treatment. Most judges appreciate that they cannot order a frigid wife to have an orgasm or an impotent husband to have an erection. Yet, they somehow believe that one can order someone to have conviction for and commitment to therapy. Accordingly, the court does well not to order such treatment because it will only make a mockery of therapy.


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Dysfunctional Divorce Leads to Dysfunctional Children

“In the best interests of the children” is the cornerstone of family law in Canada. As is the principle (with few exceptions) that children benefit from the continued involvement of BOTH their mothers and fathers after divorce.Yet over the 20 years that I have been a divorce lawyer, I have seen spouses and partners who not only don’t have their children’s best interests at heart, but rather have an overwhelming urge to “get back” at their ex, or ex-to-be spouse — and use their own children to do it.

Source: Dysfunctional Divorce Leads to Dysfunctional Children