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Abusive father with history of DV gets child custody by accusing mom of parental alienation

Straight out of the fathers rights playbook.

So you abused your wife, hit her in front of the kids. The kids are afraid of you, don’t want to be around you. Should you take responsibility for your actions? Learn to be a decent human being?
Nah! That’s for sissies! Accuse Mom of brainwashing the kids against you. Then strip her of custody, and deny HER all contact. (But that’s not attempted alienation, see. Not when Daddy does it. “Parental alienation” was cooked up by an abuser shrink purely for the use of abusive fathers and their lawyers. So daddies can badmouth mom all they want, and keep the kids away from her and that’s totally okay.)

This scam has been going on for 30 years now. This is just the latest version.

Dad is identified as OMER TSIMHONI.

Dad in bitter divorce wants mom blocked from contact

Mike Martindale, The Detroit News 7:51 p.m. EDT September 9, 2015

Pontiac — A bitter case of child custody and alleged parental alienation is headed back into Oakland Circuit Court with a request from the father that his ex-wife be ordered not to have contact with her children for 90 days.

The couple’s two sons, now aged 14 and 11, and a daughter, 9, have been ordered to stay with their father, Omer Tsimhoni, for 90 days while being treated by a mental health professional, according to court documents.

A 2011 divorce has grown increasingly bitter between Tsimhoni and his ex-wife, Maya Eibschitz-Tsimhoni, with all three children refusing to talk to or even look at their father earlier this year.

That led Circuit Judge Lisa Gorcyca in June to order the children to Children’s Village. They eventually were sent to a summer camp in July and then to live with their father for 90 days after taking part last month in an intense five-day High Road to Reunification Program.

The children have lived with their mother since the divorce and their father contends his ex-wife has turned them against him. The mother, who is a well-known ophthalmologist, has said she wants the children to have a positive relationship with their father but added she and they fear he may kidnap them and take them to Israel, where he has worked as an engineer for General Motors.

#A hearing that was scheduled for Wednesday on the father’s request — filed last week — to block the mother from seeing the children during the 90 days was adjourned without explanation and no new date has been set.

Case court records indicate the father is “apprehensive” his ex-wife will disregard the separation and try to contact the children or visit them at their school — which started up this week.

Such action, the father claims in legal filings, would “result in immediate and irreparable harm” to the father and children’s forward progress in the program.

During this three-month period the mother would not be able to contact the children in person or by phone, email, text, letters, computer, third parties, or by delivery of any objects to the children.

The father also wants the mother to engage in program guidelines that she “shall engage a mental health professional.”

Since the father has had custody of the children since early August he also seeks abatement of child support payments while they are in his sole physical custody.

Gorcyca earlier ordered psychological evaluations for both parents and also the children and set Oct. 5-9 for an evidentiary hearing for arguments on whether the father should not be granted sole custody.

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Going Mental: Parental Alienation

When most of us think of parental alienation, we think of the removal of children from the lives of their fathers; of kids being brainwashed into thinking ill of dad, and slowly being poisoned into emotional distance and even hatred.

All of this is true. However, one of the things not as often discussed about parental alienation is when children, particularly during adolescence, begin emulating the abusive treatment of the alienating mother.

Teenagers who treat the father like he is an emotional dumping ground, shoveling out disrespect in the same way modeled by mom often still maintain the expectations that dad will act as a selfless provider. He is expected to either open up his wallet on demand or drop whatever he is doing in life to attend to desires for which they have not bothered to plan in advance.

Failure to comply often results in more hostility and more demonization. Sadly, alienated fathers often cave in to this kind of abuse and manipulation and are rarely if ever rewarded for it.

Yes, teenagers can be abusers, just like the crazy ex wife.
This episode of Going Mental addresses these issues and what you do when your teenager is treating you like your ex did when you were married.

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Cats Are Not Dogs

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Cats and dogs are similar.  Both have fur, four legs, and a tail, and both live with us.

But cats are not dogs.  They are different species of animal.

Furthermore not all animals are a dog. Neither are all animals cats. There are both cats and dogs. They both exist as separate species of animals. While they are similar to each other, they are distinctly different species of animals.

And we can tell the difference between cats and dogs. Even though both have fur, four legs, and a tail, it’s actually pretty easy to tell if the animal we’re looking at is a cat or a dog.  Try it if you don’t believe me… See, it’s pretty easy.  Cats and dogs look fundamentally different.

I recently received the following critical Comment to my blog post regarding my Online Seminar on Attachment-Based “Parental Alienation” (it seems the pathogen has located me…

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Discredited parental alienation citations

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Jail time for parental alienation not in best interests of children

Court could direct parents to take parenting course, says head of Ag Eisteacht charity

Source: Jail time for parental alienation not in best interests of children

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Cases Where Parental Alienation Is Alleged

This chapter addresses the unique challenges found in the performance of custody evaluations in cases where parental alienation (PA) is alleged. Such cases require attention to specific literature and expertise, which are described. The chapter is divided into four parts. Part One describes the long historical presence of PA. Part Two addresses the expertise necessary to perform such evaluations, and Part Three outlines steps necessary for their performance. Part Four then focuses on how all of this material can be best presented to the court so as to most likely produce relief to the victims of PA.

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Parental Rights

supporting parents and the children they love

Source: Parental Rights

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Have you Ever Wondered how are you going to get through to Child Victims of PAS?

We have long discussed what is it that we can say or do to help kids who are victims of Parental Alienation turn their attitudes around about the targeted parent. The problem stems from so many areas that for the purposes of this newsletter we will discuss it from the emotional development level.

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Child custody evaluations

Child custody evaluations (CCEs) have largely been governed by the scientific method. The need to use scientific reasoning has been identified. This article proposes that two scientific principles contribute to scientific reasoning in forensic mental health assessments (FMHAs): falsifiability and consistency. It proposes a “Step-Down” schema in which data consistently supporting one alternative hypothesis establishes a baseline of validity for an expert’s opinion; unexplained inconsistent data reduces that validity; and unexplained logically contradictory data reduces it further and may destroy or falsify it. Using the schema, expert opinions in a CCE with sexual abuse and parental alienation allegations are analyzed. Ultimately, the schema makes evaluators more aware of the foundation they need to produce valid expert opinions; in guiding their integration of all data into their opinions; and in providing attorneys and judges with a rational basis on which to challenge the weights experts give to parts of the evidence.

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Kids Are Not All Right

Kids Are Not All Right: Using the Best Interest Standard to Prevent Parental Alienation and a Therapeutic Intervention Approach to Provide Relief