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This interview is focused upon the experience of alienation and aims to raise awareness

This interview is focused upon the experience of alienation and aims to raise awareness of the appalling impact of living with the loss of a child. Others will focus upon understanding, coping and healing and will be based upon the book which will also be ready for launch in September.

Please be warned that this podcast is incredibly powerful in terms of the reality of living with the loss of a child through parental alienation. This mother has lived with the loss for a long time and has done some amazing work in the face of that loss to raise the awareness of the problem globally. We are grateful to her for sharing her experience and we stand with her in her continued determination to stay healthy and well so that when her children are freed from the psychologically and emotional abuse they have suffered, she will be in a good place to help them to heal.

As you listen you should be aware that this is an ordinary mother, this case is an ordinary case. These children were in a loving relationship with their mother and they were systematically turned against her by a determined and vengeful father. As such this is something that could happen to anyone, mother or father, should they have children with someone who is unwell, angry or stuck in a pattern of revenge. In this case the court had no power to do anything to change the children’s mindset, even though their mother begged for help when it was clear that her youngest child was also being alienated. The court is no place for families like this, where mental health experts are needed and clear understanding of the intolerable pressures upon children in some separated families are urgently required.

This is not something that is happening to someone else, if you are going through family separation, this could happen to you. Spread the word, make people listen to this, let’s begin to raise the stakes so that what is happening to our children in the family courts all over the world is heard and understood.

It is time to be the change we want to see in the world of family separation.

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