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Happy Birthday Lily

Happy Birthday 1st birthday to my granddaughter I have never seen.

I think about you everyday and wonder what you look like and hope you are contented and happy.

I have a box for you and your brother which contains cards and presents I am unable to send for every birthday and Christmas I have been excluded from, so maybe one day when you are older you will see that you are always in my thoughts.

Love Grandma xxxxxx



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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lily

  1. My husband has two grandchildren that he’s never seen, and two that he hasn’t seen for 7 years. So we know what you are going through. We also keep a box with the cards that the children’s parents (my husband’s alienated children) will not allow the children to receive from their grandfather. ….. at a loss for words, except to assure you that you’re not alone ……


    1. Thank you Irish Murr57, unfortunately there are many of us out there, some talk about it, others are ashamed and don’t. Hopefully one day things will change. I am use to it after 25+ years of not being allowed to share my own children’s birthdays, christmas’s and special celebrations. Luckily it has not hardened my heart, but I feel pity for the person behind all it all, he must be in a very dark place for the past 25 years. Keep smiling, keep blogging and who knows things may change in the future, if not for me hopefully for others xxxx


  2. I am so sorry that you have been estranged from your granddaughter. I will pray for your family.

    If I could say something to Lily it would be this..

    Dear Lily,

    I am a mommy, and have children of my own. My kids are going through something similar, and can not see their grandma very often. But I have learned something important, and something that helps my kids…and I want to share this with you….

    I heard that you cannot see your Grandma right now. I hope in the future that will change.

    A Grandma is a special person, Lily. A Grandma is a part of your family, who may share the color of your hair, or the shape of your eyes…you may have her laugh or enjoy some of the things she does.

    A Grandma shares the family stories with you, and teaches you from all the things she has learned in life. Grandmas do fun things with grandchildren…play games, have tea parties, play dress up and bake cookies. Grandmas are there to celebrate your special moments, and cheer you on when you feel down. Grandmas love on you, even when you may not feel so love-able.

    No matter how many steps you take, or how far you go, Grandma’s love will be with you forever and always. No matter how much you go, you will never outgrow the love of Grandma. And even if you cannot see her face, she sees you…and keeps you close in your heart, and in her prayers.

    And no matter what happens in life.. your Grandma loves you. I hope one day you will get to experience what it is like to have a Grandma. I wish you the very best on your 1st birthday.



    1. Thank you so much EJ Perth, your words are so encouraging. It’s people like you who will make the change in the future – Thank you for sharing – you have made my day xxxxxxx


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