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5 cases of PA exposed in sixty minutes

The hard hitting, hypocrisy fighting news show 60 Minutes exposed a case of parental alienation, over 5 different episodes. As they say, you know it will be a bad day when you find a 60 Minutes news crew waiting in your office to ask a few questions.

The story is similar to most stories of parental alienation, just perhaps a little more public, because of the investigation from 60 Minutes and other people (see references below).

1. An Australian teen alleges that a man fondled her.  After the man did jail time, the case was thrown out on appeal because he had an iron clad alibi. This led 60 minutes to question whether it was a false allegation.

2. The same teen later visited Italy and married a man there. They had 4 daughters before the marriage ended.

3. The woman persuaded the Australian embassy to finance, facilitate, aid, and abet her international abduction of their 4 children to Australia. This was based on allegations that she was afraid of her ex, that her daughters were afraid of him, and that he was violent. Neither abuse nor DV charges were never made to Italian authorities, only Australian authorities. No one in Australia ever investigated the charges … the Australia embassy simply swallowed the whole.

4. Although it should have been a simple legal case for Australia to return the children, it dragged on for 3 years, costing the father $100K. During this time, the grandmother went on the lam and hid the children. An Australian psychologist testified that the complaints against the father were false. The proper venue for the abuse allegations was Italy, but no complaints were ever filed.

5. During this whole time, the Australian press supported the mother, never doing any investigation.

6. When the police found the girls, the girls put on quite a scene during their deportation at the airport. A friend of the mother later admitted that she coached the girls to make a scene.

7. The girls are now doing well in Italy.

8. After returning to Italy, the mother and her friends contacted the girls by social media and tried to get them to cause problems, such as washing their dad’s cell phone, etc:

9. At age 16, the two oldest girls did say publicly on another 60-Minute  minutes episode that they were never afraid of their father and that he was neither angry nor violent.

10. Australia never issue an apology or admitted wrong doing, no one ever faced charges for the abduction, and it came out that the mother received a lot of support money after making the false allegations as a teen and during the three years the children were abducted.

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