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Children’s lives are being destroyed!

Extreme controversy is the issue where evidence on both sides can make a compelling case………………BUT when the “facts” making the compelling case are fabricated, incomplete facts become evidence, the people presenting the facts are narcissistic, exude great manipulation and have the money that talks – the victims and the suffers are the children caught in the cross fire and subsequently, the loving, left behind parent.
The Family Justice system is buckling under the pressure and sheer volume of divorce and custody case that exist. Don’t get me wrong, I do blame the Judges for making dire and poor decisions, but one thing can be said – they are way too busy to deal with the proverbial bullshit that reveals itself in their court room and too many Judges are ill equipped to recognize the variety of personality disorders that are present in the court rooms.
Sure – it is never black and white, but when people have their emotions aroused, an issue can quickly turn into two polar opposites and that is why many Judges rely on Custody Evaluators, GAL’s Parenting Coordinators and even Mediators to assist and provide evidence to help them make custodial orders.


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10 thoughts on “Children’s lives are being destroyed!

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    The Left Behind Parent
    We highlight the devastating effects that Parental Alienation and GasLighting has on children and the Left Behind Parents. We want to raise awareness of the hundreds of children lost in the Family Court System. Working together with a number of non profit organizations, we aim to give children a voice and allow them to be heard. It is not about a mother’s right or a father’s right. It is about a child’s right to have a loving, rewarding and continual relationship with BOTH parents.


  2. It’s completely unacceptable the amount of deceit and collusion that goes into custody evaluation. It amounts to child trafficking, with serious results. There is no excuse for “professionals” playing God and finding it appropriate to align with an abuser against the evidence. There’s no excuse for collusion.


    1. Torn 2 Peaces – I totally agree. My social worker (24 years old at the time) fresh out of university spent 6 weeks with my children and I. I was advised to stay away and let the situation settle a little and the children would come round. Taking her advice just allowed the alienator to further distance me from my children. “Professionals” need to wise up, gain more experience and knowledge on PA and do follows ups to maintain contact.

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    An alienated father shared the following helpful, practical information to this alienated mom regarding a family court corruption situation (collusion with counselors on behalf of abusive dads as seen in a pattern of cases and in hiding evidence and producing interviews that should have but never took place, etc.) in my area that has not only affected me, but other moms: . “1. File complaint with State LICENSING board. These professionals need to have a license to practice and the state agency. This is beyond the psychiatry board that David suggested which only covers psychiatric board certs. Although the APA (American Psychological Association) has a complaint process for psychologists.

    2. Lawsuits are difficult unless the person did something truly egregious like had an inappropriate relationship with the patient. I’ve talked to a number of persons who tried this route, Even if you have an expert witness who can vouch for the industry standard of care required and that the professional somehow violated it, the industry standard of care of mental health professionals is wishy washy so few lawyers will take on this type of case.

    3. Find the state statute(s) that cover perjury, collusion and any other criminal activity conducted by the professional for the particular jurisdiction and file a criminal police report with the state police Troop in which the professional practices. Follow up with the State’s Attorney to make sure they receive the criminal report and make them provide a response as to whether they intend on pursuing an investigation.

    4. Write to your legislature, specifically the committee responsible for the courts and which may have written the legislation allowing the judicial branch to order evaluations in family matters. I tried to get legislation passed this past year to establish a Task Force to study the application of industry standards for evaluations but I was not successful. I will try again next year, But let them know that better oversight legislation is required for these professionals.

    Good luck. Misuse of these so called mental health professionals is rampant and a better way must be found to exercise some oversight over their conduct.”


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