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Behaviors of a Child Being Manipulated

  1. Expletives and Bad-mouthing: The child denigrates the alienated parent with foul language and severe oppositional behavior.
  2. Excuses without Foundation: The child offers weak, absurd or frivolous reasons for his or her anger.
  3. Consistently Negative: The child is sure of him or herself, never swaying from a negative connotation. He/she doesn’t demonstrate confused emotions (i.e. love and hate) for the alienated parent, only the negative hate.
  4. Self-righteous: The child exhorts that he or she alone came up with ideas of denigration. The “independent-thinker” phenomenon is where the child asserts that no one told him to do this.
  5. Protective: supports and feels a need to protect the alienating parent.
  6. Lack of Empathy: the child does not demonstrate guilt over cruelty towards the alienated parent.
  7. Lying & embellishing: the child uses borrowed scenarios or vividly describes situations that he or she could not have experienced.
  8. Anger: Animosity is spread to the friends and/or extended family of the alienated parent.

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