Who is the Loser?

Who is the Loser?

Woke up this morning happy and positive!

Just thinking about the summer holidays and had a moment of inspiration. Instead of thinking how sad, its the holidays and I will not be seeing my grandchildren I changed the viewpoint!!!

I remember back to the summer holidays over 23 years ago and thought how difficult it was juggling 2 young children, swimming clubs, cinema, McDonalds with washing, cleaning and more. I can recall how exhausting it all was and if only I had some help!!

Eureka!! They think they are punishing us, but are they??

They are really punishing themselves. The children/grandchildren could be with grandma now helping around the house, driving them to see their friends, taking them to the cinema or local leisure centre, and for the more lucky ones, even taking them away on holiday or coming to your home to visit.

So next time you feel sorry for yourself, feel sorry for them and their sad little world they have created for themselves just to punish you.

Then ask yourself – Who is the real loser?

winners and losers






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