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Adult Children Explain Their Reasons for Estranging from Parents

This article reports on a qualitative study of adult children who were estranged from at least one parent. Twenty-six Australian participants reported a total of 40 estrangements. Of these, 23 estrangements were initiated by the participant and 16 were maintained by the participant after being initiated by the parent or occurring after a mutual lessening of contact. Participants reported three core reasons for estrangement: (i) abuse, (ii) poor parenting, and (iii) betrayal. However, estrangement was predominantly situated in long-term perceived or actual disconnection from the parent and family of origin. Most participants had engaged in cycles of estrangement and reunification, using distance to assess the relationship and attend to their own personal development and growth across time. Estrangement was generally triggered by a relatively minor incident or a more serious act of betrayal considered to have been enacted by the parent.

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3 thoughts on “Adult Children Explain Their Reasons for Estranging from Parents

    1. Thank you I have only just started. I retired in January and will now dedicate all my time to this in the hope it will help others. Its too late for me my children have been brainwashed so badly that there is no going back after 24 years unless they seek help for themselves. But I will not stand and witness the alienator brainwashing and emotionally abusing my grandson at 12 years old. I am going to start a rogues gallery of Alienators – Please feel free to send any photo’s you would like to add. Good luck on you mission


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