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Sign the e-petition -Parental Alienation – closes 17/02/2015

Parental Alienation. To extend the cross-government definition of Domestic Violence and Abuse to include #Parental #Alienation.

click below to sign the petition.

Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

#Parental #Alienation is a phenomenon which occurs after parents separate; the children, under the influence of the parent they reside with, refuse to have any more to do with the other parent.

It is a subtle manipulation of the children by one parent who, for their own ends, poisons the children’s minds against the other parent. 24% of UK children have no contact with one of their parents and the primary cause is parental alienation by the resident parent. The #alienated #parent loses interest in life, and sometimes commits suicide. The rate of suicide among men is 3 times higher than among women, and parental alienation is a principal cause of this higher rate.

Including #parental #alienation in the definition of domestic violence and abuse is a first step towards criminalising this behaviour.


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