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When the Narcissist goes All “Schrodinger’s Cat” on You

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I don’t know if you are familiar with “Schrodinger’s Cat”. To summarize, it is a thought experiment in which an imaginary cat is in a sealed box with some poison and radioactivity (Schrodinger obviously had a very fun and light imagination). Given the experimental design, it is looking at when possibilities are collapsed into one reality. The cat is either alive or dead, not both, and this is determined by opening the box and observing the state of the cat. Some would classify this under the “observer effect”- that is the observer plays a role in determination.

Whenever I interact with narcissists, however, I think of Schrodinger’s cat. Narcissists are magicians at creating a particular perceived reality. There may be no evidence to support this reality, but this does not stop the narcissist. They truly believe the observer (which would be them) clearly determines the state of reality. Their observations…

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